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Just Watch Your Way

Chinese Robots

Just Watch Your Way - Chinese Robots - MRM
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Tout premier effort vinyle pour la spy station number Chinese Robots. Une parfaite introduction au noisy rock chimique aux accents de pop anglaise du combo. 2 titres explosifs, dansants et renversants sous influence electro-rock et noise (NIN, New Order, Sonic Youth, dEUS, LCD Soundsystem).

Very first 7-inch vinyl for the noisy electro rock french band Chinese Robots. Definitely a perfect introduction to their post-punk, post-rock, post-modern universe. 2 catchy, noisy and dancing tunes that summarizes 3 decades of interactions between rock and electro. Brilliant !

Recorded & mixed by PH Perromat & Xavier Rubin

Written by PH Perromat

Format : 45 Tours Vinyle 17 cm (7-inch Vinyl)

Release date : 13 June 2013


  • #A – Just Watch Your Way
  • #B – Holy Dirt
    7-inch vinyl available via this web site (button on the left, shipping including) or in the following records shops in France
    Ground Zero, 23 rue Sainte Marthe, 75010 Paris
    Les Balades Sonores, 1 av Trudaine, 75009 Paris